Commercial Corner

Property Types

Our team is specialized in all of the commercial and industrial types of property depending on our clients’ needs. Our immediate territory is San Francisco East Bay extending to West San Joaquin County and to North Santa Clara County in South Bay. Industrial- Light to heavy industrial facilities for different uses. Multifamily- Whether the multifamily properties are 1-4 income property dwellings or apartment complexes, we can assist our clients in purchase and sale of the properties. Office- Whether the Office spaces are of R&D type or just general office space, we can assist Owners in marketing and securing Tenants, and locate the right property for the tenants. Retail- This type of properties includes but is not limited to shopping centers, Community Centers, and free standing buildings. Land- We can assist our clients in locating land properties for Residential and Commercial development.

Owner Representation Services

  • Market Analysis and Research- We continuously monitor market conditions and update clients so they can keep up with their options.
  • Complementary and Competing Factors Analysis- In the ever changing environment, there are factors that affect your property positively and/or negatively, i.e. zoning change, area developments, etc. It is important to keep up with the changes so you can make appropriate and informed decisions at the right time.
  • Site Preparation Assistance- We assist owners in coordinating the work necessary to prepare the property for next tenants.
  • Lease Rate Valuation- We employ different approaches to evaluate your site to arrive at the optimal lease rate for the best use.
  • Lease vs. Sale Analysis- At times, the owners need to know whether their properties offer the highest return possible and what the future holds for them in terms of appreciation. We provided Lease vs. Sale Analysis so the owners/landlords can take advantage of the best opportunities.
  • Broker Price Opinion- Throughout the years, we have been a source to offer our valuations expertise to banks, lenders, individuals, and other professionals such as attorneys and estate planners for the purpose of financing, asset allocation and preservation, and estate planning.
  • Effective Marketing Plans and Procedures- We employ the most effective marketing applications to provide the highest exposure and ultimately secure the best prospects for your property.
  • Regular Consultation with Clients- Our clients will be regularly updated on important issues affecting their properties and investments.
  • Negotiation- We utilize the negotiation skills to yield long term mutual benefits to owners and tenants, and to ensure our clients total satisfaction.
  • Securing Viable Tenants- We generate high interests for your properties through effective marketing, screen, and secure the ideal tenants for your property. Long term tenancy at our clients’ properties are our testimony.
  • Collection and Disbursement of Funds- Upon acceptance of the agreement, the rents, deposit, and other funds will be collected and appropriately disbursed, in a timely manner.
  • Delivery or Taking Possession of Property- The possession of property will be delivered to tenants upon acceptance of the agreement, and we will take possession of the property upon termination of agreement. We will perform walk through of property upon delivery and taking possession of property.
  • Project Management and Consultation- We can manage remodeling and/or Tenant Improvements (TI’s) Projects and work with other professionals toward successful completion of the projects. We also offer consultation on reviewing your projects, plans, and documents for build outs.
  • Exit Strategies Analysis- We continuously keep the owners abreast of changes in the market and other viable investment opportunities so our clients can have up to date information. If they decide on other options, we can help them make a smooth, cost effective, and successful transition.

Tenant Representation Services

  • Need Analysis and Market Research- The key to locating the right property is to listen to clients, understand their business needs, and use our expertise to find the ideal property in an expeditious manner. Our satisfied clients can attest to that.
  • Market Survey and Analysis- With extensive experience, we can offer feedback to our clients the viability of a site for the intended purpose.
  • Approval Process Analysis- We can assist our clients in applying for applicable permits and licenses through various governmental agencies and authorities.
  • Lease Rate Valuation- Our evaluation team will analyze the market to arrive at the fair market value for the ideal space.
  • Locating the Right Property for Intended Use- Location, Location, and Location. This concept is also true for success of your business. By understanding your business needs, we rely on our expertise to find the ideal location for your business.
  • Negotiation- There are techniques beyond ordinary negotiation skill set that produce better results. We employ those techniques, so you are successful.
  • Assisting with Tenant Improvements (TI’s), if Necessary- With vast experience in different industries, we can manage projects on your behalf to expeditiously complete your projects.
  • Assisting and Cooperating with Other Professionals- Should your project be of complicated nature, we assist and cooperate with other professionals.
  • Document Preparation and Review- Once the site is located, we will draft Letters of Intent (LOI) and agreements, and provide you with pertinent documents and disclosures for your review and approval.
  • Lease vs. Acquisition Analysis- There may be times when one option, lease or purchase, is better than the other depending on your particular circumstances. We can help you analyze all options so you can make an informed decision. You will then be able to Visualize Your Success. And, we will help you get there.